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Thank you for visiting us. The Academia Exchange is designed to be a comprehensive science resource center for the Academic Community at large, be it for students or for faculty staff, as well as for those science enthusiasts interested in keeping abreast with science happenings. By science, within the context presented here, we mean Natural Sciences (Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Chemistry with all the derivative sciences accompanying them such as Astrophysics, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc.) and Philosophy (limited to Philosophy of Science, Nature, Religion, and Mathematical Logic).

As you have seen from our Home Page heading, we have divided this information and listing into three (3) major sections whose synopses are given below:


  The Science Exchange  

•  Colloquia and Seminars  •
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Faculty and Research Openings •
Professional Organizations •
Nature Expos  •

• The cultivation of Natural Sciences is primarily done in universities, colleges, and other centers and institutions of higher learning. One way to see what issues are being discussed in those places is to take a "peek" at the various Colloquia and Seminars that are (or were recently) being offered. Here, we provide you with that "window" through which you can "see" those events as presented by their respective organizers. Currently, our database is limited to Physics and only to places within the USA. As our resources grow, we intend to expand this database to the rest of Natural Sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry) as well as to the rest of the countries.

• Another important glimpse at science activities worldwide is through the Conferences and Symposia, Summer Schools and Workshops that are being offered. Since the great majority of these science events have websites, you will have fingertip access to all of them from our listings. In fact, we have one of the most comprehensive databases in Physics, worldwide, covering the current and the subsequent two years (i.e., 1999, 2000, and 2001), and are the only place on the Internet where with a click of the mouse you can be transported directly to the website/page of your desired science event or activity. As our resources grow, we intend to expand this database to the rest of Natural Sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry).

• For faculty and research staff as well as for recent science graduate students interested to pursue a career in Academia, a section entitled Faculty and Research Openings exists where various openings as they become available are being listed.

• Professional Organizations represent an important, if not essential, ingredient in the life of the Academia, and we present here lists of the most important such organizations with a global appeal covering all fields of Natural Sciences and selected fields of Philosophy related to the study of Nature.

• Finally, last but certainly not least, an important part of our Science Exchange section is where we present places, worldwide, where Nature is being displayed and revealed in all its beauty, splendor, and complexity within the framework of Science. We call these places Nature Expos and they encompass Natural History Museums and Research Centers, Planetariums, Botanical Gardens and Parks, Aquariums and Zoos, Astronomical Observatories, and Science Labs.
Currently, work has begun on Natural History Museums and Research Centers which is the only part opened from this section. Take a look, and if you like what you see so far --tell it to your friends, if not --tell us. Our general email address is SciNet@AcademiaExchange.net.


  The Science & Technology Shopping Marts  

•  The Software Mart  •
•  The Print Mart  •
• The Lab Mart  •

It is our intent to provide the Academic Community with a Software Mart, a Print Mart, and a Lab Mart with reduced "academic" prices. Because of our limited resources, this project is only in its embryonal phase and it may be some time until it will see the light.


  The Science Entertainment Center  

•  Spectacular Pictures of Nature  •
•  Science Crossword Puzzles  •
•  Science Humor  •

It our intent to provide the Academic Community at large and other science enthusiasts with a place for science humor, science crossword puzzles, or a place for admiring some spectacular pictures of Nature. Again because of our limited resources, we, at the moment have not opened this section of the "lighter" side of science.


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 For a quick entry into the sites that currently are open, click on an entry from the Navigational Bar below. Enjoy your stay here. We hope to see you back many times. Drop us a line and let us know how we are doing.

  For additional information that you may require, contact us at Info@AcademiaExchange.net


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