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How to Advertise Here

All our specialized listings and services are free of charge. For those schools, institutions, and other academic or related commercial establishments that would like to increase their visibility, we provide commercial banners for advertisement for a modest charge. These banners designed by us are all static banners which are linked through our frameset into the advertiser's home page. No dynamic banners are allowed into our website.

As you perhaps have noted, we have four (4) locations for our banners: one, in our home page, the second in our welcoming page, the third in the pages of our various listings and called body-page banners, and finally, banners located in the specially designed bottom frame of the frameset page and called front-gate power  banners. These "power" banners are permanently visible regardless where you are with your reading in the page and, in addition, they can be set to cover several pages.

The monthly rates of our banners are function of their location and their range. Our home page banners are US$35 per month. Our banners in our welcoming page are US$30 per month. Our "power" banners in the bottom frame are US$25 per page per month. Finally, ourbody-page banners  of our various pages are US$20 per month. If one and the same banner appears in more than one page, a discount of 10% applies to the total. Additional discounts of 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% from the total applies for the payment in advance for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months respectively.

All commercial accounts have a one-time setup fees of US$25 covering the production and registration of the respective banner(s).

Supplementary information, if needed, can be obtained by contacting us via email. Our address is

Thank you for your interest in posting your listing(s) with us.

Credit Cards Not Accepted

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